About Our Law Firm

Frieberg, Nelson & Ask is a continuation of two of South Dakota's most venerable law firms. August Frieberg, great grandfather of Thomas, opened a law office in Beresford in 1895. In 1937 Harold Bogue opened his law office in Canton. The firms merged in 1988. Since 1895, lawyers associated with these firms have served clients with loyalty and distinction and their communities with a deep commitment to public service. Predecessor lawyers include persons who moved on to serve as a state Supreme Court Justice, a state Circuit Court Judge and a United States District Judge. In all of its communities, the lawyers have a continuing interest in economic development and the communities. Our lawyers today are all actively engaged in service to the legal profession and are members of numerous charitable, service and religious organizations.

The firm has broad experience in public electric power and related issues in South Dakota and adjacent states, and has served as general counsel to the state's municipal utility industry for two generations. Its lawyers represent  a number of other local governmental entities, including rural water, road districts, tax incentive districts and telephone and cable television companies. Since 1975 it has served as general counsel to the University of South Dakota and many of its affiliated entities.

For forty years the firm lawyers have provided service as legislative counsel and lobbyists for a variety of entities. The service includes regular attendance at sessions of the state legislature and continuing advice and consultation regarding legislative matters.

In its home towns, the firm handles a wide range of legal issues. The planning of personal estates to provide transfer of wealth to the next generation is of particular interest. The complexities of agricultural production and emerging concerns for land use and environmental regulations and new technologies present problems which our lawyers are addressing. Family law questions concerning nuptial agreements, adoptions, divorce and child custody are regularly handled. The firm also provides tax services, including the preparation and filing of federal income, estate and gift tax returns.

Lawyers are admitted to practice in state and federal courts, and provide both trial and appellate services. The firm has experienced and dedicated support staff who share the firm' s commitment to provide appropriate and competent representation to our clients.